Lamda Estate Extra virgin olive oil 3L

Brand Lamda Estate
Country of origin Greece
Distributor Greedelfein
Label Languages English/German/Greek
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Pure extra virgin olive oil from “Koroneiki” variety olives that grow in the abundant groves of the famous Messinia region.
This extra virgin olive oil has distinct green color and taste which leaves a pleasant peppery after taste, that makes it one of the finest examples of Greek produced extra virgin olive oils. Perfect for everyday use, meals, a salad, dressings, marinades.
Maximum acidity of 0.5%.
Available in cans of: 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 3L, 5L

Product Label

Dietary statement

Nutrition values per 100 ml
Energy 3389 kJ (824 kcal)
Fat ~ 91,6 g
Of which saturated ~12,8g
Monounsaturated ~70,5g
Polyunsaturated ~8.3g
Carbohydrate ~ 0 g
Of which sugars ~ 0 g
Dietary fiber ~ 0 g
Protein ~ 0 g
Salt ~ 0 g
Quality characteristics
Acidity (Max) 0,5
Peroxides (meqO2/Kg) 20
Waxes (ppm) 150
Ultraviolet absorption
K232 (Max) 2.5
K270 (Max) 0.22
DK (Max) 0.01
Method of conservation: Keep in a cool and shady place. Protect from heat and light sources.

Further Information

Ingredients Extra native olive oil.
Allergens No declared allergens present
Storage Conditions Keep in a cool and shady place. Protect from heat and light sources
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