Melimnos Wildflowers honey in jar 250gr (Limited edition)

Brand Melimnos
Country of origin Greece
Distributor Greedelfein
Label Languages English/Greek
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The unique flavor of honey Melimnos
Εxquisite honey varieties of excellent quality!

The unique flavor of Melimnos is not incidental. The origin of our varieties is the one that shapes the character and flavor of each exquisite variety, composing an excellent result!
The exquisite varieties of Melimnos are derived from the compound of honey varieties collected from Halkidiki, the origin place of Aristotle, as well as from Limnos, the island of God Hephaestus!
By choosing these specific origins and combining their unique features, we create varieties with unique flavor and distinct aroma!
The Origin
A honey as special as the plants from which it is made!
The contrasts that characterize it in combination with its antioxidant properties and its high nutritional value make this honey unique rendering it a nutritional treasure!
The Flavor
The special feature of this exquisite variety is the unique, full of contradictions tasteful identity, as in its sweetness is distinguished a soft, subtle bitter finish!
The Aroma
A honey with a dark golden color whose strong and earthy aroma emits woody odors from the forests of mountainous Halkidiki!


Product Label

Dietary statement

Nutrition values per 100gr
Energy 1427 kj (341 kcal)
Fat ~ 0 g
Of which saturated ~ 0 g
Carbohydrate ~ 85 g
Of which sugars ~ 71,1 g
Protein ~ 0.25 g
Salt ~0.004 g
Storage Conditions: Store at room temperature (around 20°C). Keep in a cool and shady place. Protect from heat and light sources.

Further Information

Honey is not suitable for children under 12 months. Crystallization is a natural property of honey that does not affect its quality.
Ingredients Honey
Allergens No declared allergens available
Storage Conditions Store at room temperature (around 20°C). Keep in a cool and shady place. Protect from heat and light sources.
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1 CRD-BOX 12 JAR 3.000 5.400
1 LAYER 16 CRD-BOX 48.000 86.400
1 PAL 160 CRD-BOX 480.000 880.000