Riza Zoe Premium RZ Olive Wood bottle 250ml

Αn Olive wood bottle of 250 ml capacity, with an olive tree hollow design on it, to permit visual contact with olive oil. Our most elegant product with the shape of the hollow to differ to each bottle, depending on the raw wood designs.


Riza Zoe

A handcrafted wooden bottle made of olive tree, which serves as (cover-cover) for the Riza Zoe bottle with the possibility of changing a new bottle for the use of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, wine, tsipouro / raki etc. (It corresponds fully to the EU legislation on sealed catering products).

Suitable for

1) Delis – Liquor Stores

2) souvenir

3) Luxury Hotels – (delis / dining rooms)

4) Luxury restaurants on the table

5) Gift boxes – business gifts