“Our Company”

Greedelfein is a commercial and promotional company of Mediterranean food products, which has its roots in Greece. It is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and as a representative of a large network of suppliers and producers, is able to distribute as an exclusive importer of high quality and Mediterranean food products for the Swiss market.

Our products come mainly from selected producers and suppliers, who focus on the quality of their products.

“Our Collaborations”

Most of our products are usually produced in small areas with a special microclimate, from selected crops, family farms, as well as small innovative businesses.

Through our cooperations, we actively support the economy of the small and traditional regions of our country, the return of young people to villages, the development of new production units in the food sector and the agriculture sector of the country. We aim to spread healthy food globally and distribute high-quality products, and of course, decrease the production of processed food as more as possible.

The majority of our packaged Delicatessen – Greedelfein products are certified by international quality and health organizations, awarded in international competitions of the high level of tasting, and have taken part in the largest and most remarkable exhibitions of quality products around the world.

Available at special spots and sales channels in the Swiss market, as well as in HO.RE.CA packaging, they are preferred by well known Chefs around the world.
As part of our commercial activity we therefore supply a large extent of selected retail and wholesale chains (SUPER MARKETS), as well as develop our activity in the fresh fruit and vegetable product sector, increasing our sale spots in the market.

“Mediterranean Diet”

The Mediterranean diet is rich in fiber and it is particularly based on the consumption of food of plant origin and is healthy for the body. Vegetables, pasta, rice, legumes, and fruits are the main elements of the Mediterranean diet, while the food of animal origin is consumed in small quantities.

In additions to the above, antioxidants found in abundance in the ingredients of the Greek Mediterranean diet, such as vitamins A, E, and C, b-carotene, flavonoids (such as wine phenols), and phenolic acids (in fruits, vegetables, and olive oil) act against oxidation as well as cell aging. This is the basic secret of the Mediterranean diet that contributes to longevity.

Thanks to the variety of food of the Greek Mediterranean diet, there are unlimited culinary options. Legumes, vegetables, and cereals in combination with olive oil, olives, and aromatic herbs such as oregano, thyme, etc., compose a healthy diet with unique flavors.


Microclimates are local atmospheric zones, the climate of which differs from that of the wider region. The main factors that make up the microclimate are temperature, humidity, light and exposure to winds, soil type, and morphology.

We, in cooperation with our partners-farmers, through the modification and/or creation of microclimates climates to achieve the ideal growing conditions, and with the appropriate knowledge of processing and standardization, maximize the quantity of the products and increase our exports along with the value of the Mediterranean food sector.

Thanks to the knowledge of cultivation methods and an understanding of how microclimate’s characteristics work in order to choose the right place, positive economic, environmental and social results are obtained.

Greedelfein, upon request, offers special packages for long-term partnerships.

Wholesale orders are always made upon prior consultation (Reservation) according to the availability of the selected product.
We are looking for partners and representatives in all parts of the world with the aim of promoting and evolving quality.


➔ Offers many of its products the possibility of a private label for your company.
➔ Undertakes purchases, rentals, sales, and the supervision of leased private producers in Greece, knowing very well the most ideal locations and climatic conditions of the country for derivatives of your desire, as well as integrated production units.
➔ Greedelfein ensures the proper distribution of its products in the market, optimizing the sales of its partners.
➔ Offers the best price-quality ratio for our customers.

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Verpflichet sich, Qualitätsprodukte Ihrer Wahl zu finden und immer für Sie den besten Preis und die beste Qualität auszuhandeln. Durch die Durchführung relevanter Marktforschungen und Qualitätskontrollen haben Sie die Möglichkeit, sich auf die Haupttätigkeiten Ihrer Arbeit zu konzentrieren.

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Bietet in mehreren seiner Produkte nach Vereinbarung spezielle Angebotspakete für langfristige Partnerschaften an.

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Bietet die Möglichkeit von privaten Labels für Ihr Unternehmen sowie die Herstellung eines kaufmännischen “Brandnames” nach Ihren Wünschen ,vom Einkauf der Rohstoffe bis zum Design und Marketing.

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